NavigatorMD, Inc.

Don't Beg for Your Data

Access your data within five days of its release.

Our mission is to maintain complete data integrity between carriers and customers, and to deliver it as quickly as possible. Our state-of-the-art database mapping and management technology consolidates virtually any set of data, providing a concise stream of information to make you, and your data more valuable. Design180® incorporates data integration, analytics, reporting, plan modeling and plan-performance management into one cohesive system for powerful, accurate analysis and implementation.Learn More

  • Access Claims, Eligibility, Prescription and Health Data Remotely
  • Consolidated Data in One, Dedicated Database
  • 100% Data Security and Complete HIPAA/HITECH Compliance
  • Accuracy Assurance with Pre- and Post-Processing Audits
  • Reliable, Hassle-Free Data Uploads Every Month

Become Your Own Data Expert

Custom analysis and reporting at your fingertips.

NavigatorMD realizes that proficiency relies on the use of relevant information. Our intuitive user interface is designed around dynamic, graphical dashboards that provide instant, measurable data by visually presenting claims data. Dashboards readily display various metrics that allow users to easily track multiple trends simultaneously. Beyond the dashboard, you have the ability to drill down to low-level, individual patient and claims detail, allowing you to take ultimate control of how, and how closely, you view your data. Learn More

  • Manage Condition Severity and Compliance to Standards of Care
  • Instantly View Top Conditions and Cost Trends
  • Quickly Pinpoint Cost Factors and Identify Care Gaps
  • Utilize ETG® Technology to Determine the True Cost of Conditions
  • Utilize ERG® Technology to Calculate & Trend Member Risk Indexes

Add Value to Your Health Plan

Promote wellness within your workforce.

Use your own claims experience to forecast potential savings, predict changes in creative plan strategies, and calculate the possible value in targeted wellness initiatives. Our tools are designed to craft plans based on performance indicators that improve population wellness, save money and increase your plan's efficiency from a personalized perspective. Instantly view the financial and personnel impact of proposed plan changes and adjust for what's right for you or your client. Learn More

  • Plan Recalculation
  • HSA Calculators
  • Benefits Design
  • Reinsurance
  • Wellness Calculator™
  • More...

Complete Health Plan Management

Set targeted goals. Measure real results.

How do you measure the effectiveness of your plan strategies? For brokers and benefits consultants, providing clients clear metrics and validated returns on investments is crucial for client satisfaction and retention. For employers, an efficient health plan means a better bottom line and a healthier business from every angle. Design180® utilizes automated real-time alerts that enables continual monitoring of your health plan and wellness strategies, so that you or your clients can stay on track. Learn More

  • Create customized claims, enrollment and compliance alerts
  • Utilize monitors to track performance on a monthly basis
  • Keep key stakeholders up to date with automated e-mail alerts

“The decision support that Design180® gives us is probably the single-greatest advantage that we have over our competitors in terms of helping our customers decide what they’re going to do. The result of this decision support is getting better use out of the dollars you’re going to spend. ”

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